Ketzalcalli is a journal with a broad and multidisciplinary approach aimed at publishing the most recent research in a timely fashion. Dedicated to the humanities, it will bring a mix of subjects from the fields of anthropology, archaeology, epigraphy, history, linguistics, sociology, philosophy and related fields.The journal will appear semiannually with an additional supplement to be dedicated to a specific theme. While, as its name implies, the principal focus will be on the Americas, from its ancient past to the present. In keeping with its geographical focus, articles will be in English and Spanish.

Ketzalcalli 2018 - 1

Investigaciones arqueológicas en torno a los montículos de tierra de Tantoc,
y sus relaciones con sociedades del sureste de Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
Pavel Carlos Leiva García
María Judith Galicia Flores
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